Monday, January 24, 2005

A Delema

As usual, my personal delema for today concerns the delicate condition of being part of the human race. For the last month, I have observed, and even been part of the mass global reaction to a natural disaster. Of course, I am referring to the tsunami that hit South East Asia. The human suffering, just in shear numbers is somewhat overwhelming to us all, I believe. But, now as the water and mud are drying, and aid is finally beginning to get through to even the most remote areas, I have begun to think about those other people who are suffering, on a daily basis, at the hands of thier fellow man.

Naturall disasters are completely out of our control, in case no one has noticed; no amount of protest or debate can prevent them from happening. Yet when the "informed" have the ability to respond and voice our outrage at what we do to each other, most of us choose not to. Is this a case of not caring unless we are told to, or is it simply that in the grand scheme of the universe, we're just plain lazy? Unless it is pertinent to our own personal existance, or what the press chooses to inundate us with, we ignore the millions around the world who are suffering and dying, every day, due to greed, hatred, fear and poverty.

What a sadly pathetic lot we are. Billions of dollars raised to help the victims of a natural disaster, while Aids and petty warlords rampage across Africa, with bearly a curious glance from the rest of us. The Middle East is held in the same grip of fear and loathing that has been present for millenia, yet we do nothing, unless it furthers our personal gain and beliefs. Apparently our intellectual and spiritual evolution came to a screeching halt, somewhere along the way, no matter how much we kid ourselves into believing we are so smart and compassionate. Shame on us all.

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