Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just Do It........

Don't wait, don't leave it up to your leaders. It starts with us, all of us, everywhere getting involved with something, anything, to put an end to this madness. Our children, grandchildren and future generations are counting on us. BTW, getting involved has nothing to do with being "liberal" or "conservative" or who's right and who's wrong. Forget all of that garbage, it has everything to do with humanity and it's future, so get over it we're all in this together. Just do it.



azgoddess said...

your post is very interesting to me -- as i was noticing my grandson's behavior when he picked up sticks and such -- they always became guns and he was shooting stuff

i talked to him today about what kind of world he wanted to live in peace or one in war

he picked peace...(see, he is my grandson - grin)

so then asked him if guns were peaceful or war -- and he said war

so i then asked him what games and such he could play that were peacelike -- and we brainstormed a few....

his classmates and school are brainwashing him one way -- so i am countering it!!

fjb said...

I spend a lot of time encouraging my son to realize that war is nothing but violent retribution and as such, is an endless cycle. It leads only to an a circle of escalation with no good end, for any of the parties concerned.

It's easy to react with violence and anger when hurt, but to find a peaceful resolution for all parties concerned takes work, effort and compassion.
Things that apparently the majority of us humans are as yet unwilling to invest the time in.

Old Broad said...

We are one big family, aren't we?
The family of man. No, make that, the family of woman.