Friday, March 16, 2007

Enough is Enough.........

Can you imagine if the everyday ordinary people of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Sudan and all the other corrupted shitholes on this planet were to suddenly have the courage to say enough is enough. Millions and millions of 'em, just walking out into the streets and refusing to be held hostage by the fear that petty fucking despots can get away with holding over them. If these people were to show extremist fuckers of all races and religions, drug lords, war lords, power hungry dictators, you name it, that they weren't just going to roll over like beaten dogs, wouldn't that be a site to see.

Wow, wouldn't that be amazing if all these people decided to stop waiting for someone else to make their lives better, and they went ahead and did it for themselves! The majority of them apparently want to live in peace and have a chance just like the rest of us. What the hell are they waiting for? I'm so fucking sick of seeing others die for people who just don't seem to be willing to help themselves, and are even less willing help the people who are trying to assist them.

Sorry, it's been a bad week and I needed to have that rant publicly , though it doesn't change anything and it's certainly not going to make anything any better, but they tell me it's part of the process.



Worried said...

Amen, Fiona. And also OUR people. Too many sit on their hands and wait for things to miraculously get better.

Hill said...

Rants are good, my friend. They help us cope.
And you shout it, sistah. Agree 100%.