Monday, June 04, 2007

Dear Sirs........

Dear Sirs:

Just a quick word to add to my formal resignation which I submitted to you this morning: Bite me.

This is my first and last foray into the world of corporate outsourced America. As for being informed that your operations are based on a workplace model created in India, I reiterate what I told you this morning: I am not Indian, I do not live in India, and there certainly aren't hundreds of thousands of people lined up waiting to take my job for roughly the equivalent of $3.00 per hour. I am a born and raised Canadian, and Canada I might remind you is a founding member nation of the G8, not a country who's slowly clawing it's way out of the third world.

From what I understand, the only reason you opened centers in Canada was to address the issue of the "language barriers" which the customers of your highest profile client face when calling for technical support. Considering the site from which I resigned this morning was number one in the world for this client last month, and also considering that you have lost 19 of your other top personnel recently from this site, I suggest you rethink you "workplace model".

So, with that, Sutherland Global Services based out of Rochester, New York, say goodbye to one of the highest ranking agents on the floor for the month of May, and kiss my big old Canadian ass.



azgoddess said...

wow -- good for you -- reminds me of that country song -- take this job and shove it!

i was wondering how long you were gonna last when you blogged about getting the job...

good luck to you -- in what ever it is that you want to do now -- hugs!!

ps. send an email to bill gates with this blog link -- seriously!!

fjb said...

Thanks, az. I've got a few things lined up, including maintaining the BC4-H website. This is the first time in my 30 year plus working life that I've ever walked away from a job without having another already in place! Ah well, you gotta do what you gotta do, and for a change I'm taking my own advice.


Mike Crichton said...

Well, since you're about to have more free time, maybe you can help promote my Legoland Needs Women! petition? :-)

fjb said...

I've discussed this with my son, and he's in total agreement with you. In his words "ya, there's not enough lego chicks". So doing my duty to "support the troops", I'll sign the petition and also post a link.