Saturday, August 25, 2007

Avoiding Deportation 101.....

When you're in Canada "without authority" there are certain rules that you need to remember:

1. Seek out the proper channels to get assistance (there's lots of folks who know how to deal with the legalities concerning certain U.S. citizens coming into this country, and who want to stay here for an indefinite period of time).
2. Don't go to a house party with a bunch of the locals and get snorting drunk.
3. Don't let one of these same said dumb-ass buffoons goad you into a fight to test your metal.
4. Stay low, stay out of trouble, play nice, and people (including the cops) will generally ignore where you've come from and why you're here.

Here's the official RCMP write up in the local paper of a recent incident:

"On Aug. 14 at 5:03pm, police responded to a dispute at a local address. Although the dispute was resolved peaceably, an investigation by police determined that a male at the residence was a U.S. citizen and in Canada without authority. The male was taken into custody and turned over to Canada Immigration, which is now dealing with the male and his deportation back to the United States."

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azgoddess said...

yea - some people can be so dense...and legal or not - people should follow those rules anyway...

thanks for your kind words...hugs