Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Palestinian Bloggers.....

"As predicted, the death toll has risen since I began this report: another two have been killed in northern Gaza, and another 4 badly injured. Israeli Ministry spokesman, Shlomo Dror says that: “It's unacceptable that people in Sderot are living in fear every day and people in the Gaza Strip are living life as usual.”" Please read the rest of this post at Rafah Today, but a word of caution, the pictures are graphic.

"and i donot need to worry about 1.5 million population , who live under this cruel seige , wher ewe donot have cement to build our homes or our graves , wher emy patients die daily due to lack of proper treatment in Gaza and donot have accesability to furthur treatment abroad bcse of borders closure." This is from From Gaza, with Love by Dr. Mona El-Farra.

"The Gaza Strip’s only power plant has shut down as Israel’s blockade has dried up fuel supplies. Tonight Gazans are living in darkness as the second of the plant’s two working turbines was switched off on the third day of a crippling Israeli blockade of the territory. “At least 800,000 people are now in darkness,” Derar Abu Sissi, general director of the plant, said.

Sunday’s shutdown has prompted fears of a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. This catastrophe is affecting hospitals, medical clinics, water wells, sewage treatment plants, water facilities, factories, homes- all aspects of life. Palestinians said the worst affected could be the health sector, with hospitals failing to provide services in the absence of electricity.

"Food supplies have dwindled, thanks to Israel’s blockade. And now there is no bread. Bakeries stopped operating because they did not have power or flour. Gazans are protesting in the streets-asking for bread." The rest of this story can be found at Sabbah's Blog.

"The Israeli government has declared a total war on Gaza, largely cutting electricity and fuel supplies and prohibiting basic products to enter, including food and medicines.

Gaza is not a territory, but 1.4 million human beings, women, men and children. “Attacking Gaza” or “putting Gaza under siege” means targeting 1.4 million civilians. According to international law, this is a war crime; according to common sense, it is a crime against humanity. Such a crime cannot be justified by any excuse, and no reason whatsoever can allow a state, a government, or a person to commit it." AIC.

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