Friday, February 29, 2008

Dr. Mona El-Farra.....

I'm spreading the word dear Mona, but it's falling on deaf ears. I fear the West has finally abandoned you while the efficient propaganda machine rolls on: Palestinian = terrorist; Israel = victim. I'm so incredibly sorry. I hope you and yours can one day find it in your hearts to forgive our ignorance and stupidity.

27th of februray
my sleep was lagely interuppted , last night so my daughter , the shooting was so heavy against diffrent areas of the city , as well as diffrent parts of the gaza strip , the jet fighters sound was too loud as well as the heliocapters sound ,
this morning 28th of february
it is dispropotional open war , civilians pay the price , 15 people were killed , as an outcome of last night attack , including 3 months old baby !!!!!!!!!(1000 children were killed in the last 5 years alone )
on my way walking to the Red Crescent Society , (i donot have fuel in my car ), it is only 25 mintues , while walking , i can cleary hear successive explosions, from diffrent parts of the city , and the drune on the sky , and also can clearly see the security forces soldiers, outside thier headquarters , as it is under threat of bombing by the israeli military forces , i had to walk very fast , expecting the worse ,
arriving my work to find out that we donot have enough fuel for the ambulance and the other work vehicles.
no fuel entered Gaza since 17 days , our storage has been exhausted , oh my god this situation will have its desasterous impact on diffrent health facilities .
Medical workers as always work under great pessure , and while iam trying to arrange for medical shipment entry to Gaza , donated by MECA , i endure living in such dangerous situation , and lack of electricity , we have scarce power 6- 8 hours daily at the moment ,fresh and clean pumped water is big proplem for most residents of Gaza,
i feel fedup , exhausted and drained of talking about the same topics again and again , and things get worse and worse , so please understand me when i donot write ,
safty is my big concern at the moment as well as meeting medical facilities medications and medical supplies needs
justice and peace is my great goal , please spread the word

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