Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gaza Update.....

While the news feeds are all focused on the high drama of Mitt Romney ending his campaign to be the Republican presidential nominee, back in Gaza:

"Israeli raids on Gaza have killed a teacher and seven Palestinian fighters in an assault on the Hamas-controlled territory following a suicide bombing and rocket fire into Israel this week.

Hani Shaban Naim, 43, a father of five, was killed early on Thursday by an Israeli missile in his classroom in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. The Israeli army said the missile, which also wounded three students in the agricultural college, was aimed at a rocket-firing crew nearby.

During the raid, Palestinian fighters exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers as Israeli tanks drove several hundred metres into Gaza before dawn on Thursday. Residents said Israeli tanks and heavy bulldozers broke the border fence to gain access to the Gaza Strip. An Israeli military spokesman confirmed that "an army operation is under way".

Six Hamas men were killed in the clashes, three by missiles and two by gunfire, Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Hamas's military wing, said. One Hamas fighter died later in hospital due to his wounds. The Islamic Jihad faction said one of its members also died in the fighting.

Suheir Naim, Hani's widow, said feelings of hatred were increasing. "What's the fault of my children and other children who lose their fathers? When a small Israeli child is killed, the whole world turns upside down. But who cares about us?" she said.

David Chater, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said the "war in Gaza" was escalating on two fronts. "On the economics front the Israeli high court has authorised further cuts on electricity and fuel supplies into Gaza," he reported.

The cuts to electricity were permitted after Israel's supreme court rejected a petition by 10 Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations last week, challenging Israel's planned reductions."

And so, the persecution and punishment of 1.5 million people for the actions of a few continues while the rest of the world blissfully ignores it. No wonder the "fanatics" and "radicals" hate us so much and the oppressed, suffering, and abused support them. Yup, we in the West doing what we do best in our global community; blundering blindly along.


If the world looked in a looking glass,
It would see back hate, it would see back war,
and it would see back sorrow;
It would see back fear.
If the world looked in a looking glass,
it would run away with shame, and hide.


libhom said...

Corporations make a lot of money off of selling arms to Israel. No wonder our policies are so one-sided.

fjb said...

You got that right!