Monday, March 24, 2008

A Closet Muslim?.....

Here, in my opinion, is a condescensing diatribe which I found in my comments, from an anonymous author. I'll let it speak for itself, and you make up your own mind.

I really shouldn't respond to it at all, and will undoubtedly be receiving a equally unpleasant reply. Evidently, in viewing my webstats and noting the length of time the author professes to have spent here, there have been five visits from the same IP address today, which I assume is associated with this person. Sigh.....

"The anti-Israeli biased spewed from this website is particularly nauseating.

Every article posted here is riddled with inaccuracies, with the nauseating anti-Israeli bias manifesting itself throughout this website. To even begin deconstructing the inarticulate, moronic ramblings on this site would take me all month. That is time which, quite frankly, I am not prepared to waste on apologists for terrorism.

Maybe the composer of this article would be inclined to answer the rather telling question posed by bar kochba? The patent lack of response tells us all we need to know about the blatant disregard for logic and facts by these anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian terrorist apologists. The fact that these apologists descend to such depths of duplicity is actually rather sad.

I have also noticed another article on this site where, perplexingly, the writer was attempting to dichotomise terrorism from Islam. I’m afraid, the plethora of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims world wide is profoundly enlightening. This may seem rather unpalatable to the likes of these terrorist apologists, but to even attempt to deny the inextricable link between Islam and terrorism would be as absurd as denying the link between dieing and having your head cut off. The propensity of Muslims to resort to terrorism is really quite tragic, but also an unassailable fact that needs to be addressed.

In that same article, the writer also attempted to equate Christianity with child molestation. Out of interest, would the writer be able to furnish me with a credible source, that would demonstrate a disproportionate amount of Christians – as opposed to non-Christians - perpetrate acts of child abuse. In the absence of such “evidence”, we can only conclude the writer is being disingenuous.

Oh, and finally, just in case you were wondering, I am not Jewish. However, you are patently a closet Muslim."


betmo said...

hey- you got yourself a troll :) good for you! it means you've made it to the big leagues :) they are just checking back to see if anyone tries to rebut what they have spewed forth in their diatribe. i have found that if you don't feed them- they get hungry for attention and eventually move on.

fjb said...

I know, I know. Take my own good advice that I freely give everyone else, right? I just couldn't resist.:-)