Thursday, March 06, 2008

Occupation 101.....

If you can turn away, then you choose to be ignorant. You may think this has nothing to do with you or effects you in any way. You are so wrong.

I'm posting these enlightening trailers from the documentary "Occupation 101" with the hope of encouraging you to look deeper into the facts of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Don't turn away or pretend this ongoing oppression isn't real, trying to convince yourself that the Palestinians are the ones responsible for their plight. Knowledge is power and with that we can influence how our governments support Israel. Please take these few minutes to watch, and then decide if you want your dollars funding morally and ethically repugnant actions and illegal human rights atrocities committed by the Israeli government on a daily basis, which many non-partisan experts on the subject refer to as genocide, others as a holocaust.


betmo said...

there may have been a time when the israelis could justify doing this type of thing. i think it's pretty apparent that they sound as phony as bushco with their talk of 'terrorism'- even many israeli people have begun to criticize their government. when is enough- enough?

fjb said...

"when is enough- enough?"