Friday, March 28, 2008

Palestine Is Still The Issue.....

John Pilger returns to the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza where, in 1974, he filmed a documentary with the same title about the same issues, a nation of people - the Palestinians - forced off their land and later subjected to a military occupation by Israel.
He hears extraordinary stories from Palestinians, though most of his interviews are with Israelis whose voices are seldom heard, including the remarkable witness of a man who lost his daughter in a suicide bombing. But for Palestinians, the overriding, routine terror, day after day, has been the ruthless control of almost every aspect of their lives, as if they live in an open prison. This film is about the Palestinians and a group of courageous Israelis united in the oldest human struggle - to be free.

This film is almost an hour long, but it's well worth the time if you care about your fellow man. Be warned, some of the footage is disturbing, not in the horrific way you may expect, but if you squirm in your seat please feel free to question yours and your governments response to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Hat tip to Steve for this. Thank you for your unending perseverance and devotion to a better life for all.

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Spadoman said...

Doesn't look like much is changing for the better around the world. But after my return from The Longest Walk, I can tell you that there are some positive things happening in a really negative world right now. I saw some of them first hand.

I returned home to recover from a bad case of bronchitis. Looks like I'll be around a while. Come say hello. I missed you.