Friday, March 07, 2008

World Federation of Trade Unions Solidarity With Palestine.....

Below is the Solidarity message to the people of Palestine issued by the World Federation of Trade Unions:

"The WFTU condemns the barbarity of the Israeli army against the Palestinian fighters, against civilians, against women and small children. The raids in Gaza show that the policy of the Israel murders Peace and steadiness. The USA has a big part of the responsibility as well as their allies in Europe, who encourage or tolerate the Israeli aggressiveness.

The International Organizations are in reality indifferent to the long-lasting crime that is taking place in the Palestinian land.

We demand the Israeli attacks against Gaza and the entire Palestine to stop immediately. We demand the Israeli military forces to leave from all Arab territories and to recognize the Palestinian State with Eastern Jerusalem as capital city.

We express our fraternal solidarity to the General Union of Palestinian Workers, whose offices were bombed and we assure them that the World Working Class and all the progressive people are on their side.

The Secretariat"

The WFTU also chose to dedicate March 8, International Women's Day to the women of Palestine:

".....The W.F.T.U. dedicates this year’s Women’s Day to the women of Palestine, to the mothers of Gaza, to the girls in Ramalha who are facing today new barbarian attacks from the Israeli army.

Let’s express all together our Internationalist solidarity to the women of Palestine and to their heroic struggles.

The Secretariat"

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