Monday, September 29, 2008

What's That Deafening Roar?

I'm thrilled that the American people have got the guts to stand up to their employees and demand to be heard.

(Pssstttt, hey friends, I think they may be listening now).

They're right, and I'm sick of being on the shit end of the stick, too. Any Canadians who are asleep at the wheel, wake up assholes, the shit is officially hitting the fan. Let the fuckers sink and build up from the bottom. The rich, greedy, bastards who've screwed the common working class up the ass can suffer right along with the rest of us!

I'm voting for whoever is more likely to benefit me rather than my corporate employer, so the Conservatives are definitely out of the question. There's many reasons those assholes should be given the boot and I can't add any more to what's already been said by others. That doesn't mean I'll be voting Liberal anytime soon either, the useless bunch of tits. It's up to the other two to really impress me in the next two weeks before I make up my mind, but I don't think the Greens have the personnel to handle this mess. Oh shit, that leaves.....the NDP. I guess I'm a little closet socialist after all.

So, what's that roar? Hopefully it's the sound of the corporate bosses who have been anything but fair to their slaves, being flushed down the giant economic toilet.


betmo said...

hear! hear! (and i have no doubt that they are). i hope canada doesn't slip and fall in the same spot we have. over and over... and yet, there are still people who go to mccain rallies and intend to vote for 8 more years of all this... i just shake my head.

Spadoman said...

Get DOWN Fiona! I love it when you tear it up and swear profusely at the readership. Probably because you echo my thoughts exactly.

Peace to you.

fjb said...

Wellll, you know. When you get to the appropriate level of frustration and nicely polite doesn't cut it anymore, you just have to let rip. See, I told you us Canadians aren't always what we may appear to be.:)