Monday, October 06, 2008

Youtube Debate - "Dancer" or "Denser"?....

It's "Dancer", fools. Yah, I'm a Hunter S. Thompson fan, too. If you don't like it, bite me.

"In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile—and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a nation of panicked sheep."
The Great Shark Hunt, 1979 - Hunter S. Thompson

"There are times, however, and this is one of them, when even being right feels wrong. What do you say, for instance, about a generation that has been taught that rain is poison and sex is death? If making love might be fatal and if a cool spring breeze on any summer afternoon can turn a crystal blue lake into a puddle of black poison right in front of your eyes, there is not much left except TV and relentless masturbation. It's a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat shit and die."
Gonzo Papers, Vol. 2: Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80s, 1988 - Hunter S. Thompson

"We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear—fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a Terrorist sympathizer."
—"Extreme Behavior in Aspen," February 3, 2003 - Hunter S. Thompson


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"I'm a Hunter S. Thompson fan, too. If you don't like it, bite me."

I as well am a fan, if for no other reason than he went against the wind before that was popular. Do you think his death was suicide?

fjb said...

No, I think he went out the way he wanted to.

fjb said...

To clarify the previous comment: Suicide is such an ugly word and I wouldn't use it to describe his actions.

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