Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've really got to stop reading the comments sections for the articles in Haaretz. I found this gem today at the link I've gladly provided and I'm trying hard not to loose my temper, as this sort of vile bullshit is normal in that backward country. Keep in mind when the asshole is referring to "terrorists" and their "supporters" these include any living, breathing Palestinian, human rights observer, aid agent, and anyone else who stands between his God-given Israel and Palestine. You should read some of the shit I've received from assholes like this who forgot to crawl into the first millenium let alone the 21st century. Do you have any questions about what the problem is over there?
Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent and The Associated Press: Mortars and rockets hit Negev, after deadly IDF raid near Gaza


Title: Philistine "Ceasefire": We Cease- They Fire
Name: Yishai Kohen
City: YeShA, Israel State:

Why do we play their games? We need to do to them in Gaza what we did in Jenin- and then some.

What We Must Do In Gaza To Bring Peace:

1. Drop fliers on a terrorist location; say Beit Hanoun. All civilians have one hour to leave.

2. After EXACTLY one hour, begin carpet bombing.

3. Follow up with artillery- lots of it.

4. Send in a commando force like Sayeret Egoz, Matkal, etc... to capture and hold key positions.

5. Send in tanks and infantry.

6. Kill any and every terrorist remaining.

7. Do the same in the next chosen location.

8. REMAIN in these places.

9. Do this until the terrorists surrender UNCONDITIONALLY.

10. Expel ALL of them and their supporters. Send them back to Tunis- minus those who need to be punished for their crimes.

11. Rebuild the beautiful, vibrant, thriving Jewish communities that were uprooted for "peace".

12. Voila! Peace.

Our lives are worth more than their lives. Our soldiers` lives are worth more than their lives.

What goes around comes around Mr. Kohen, and this is going to come around and bite you in the ass real hard.


betmo said...

for a minute, i thought you were talking about americans...

fjb said...

ROTFLMAO! No, no my friend, these are the other ones.:) You know, the ones your government supports so well.

alajnabiya said...

Reading the comments section in Ha'aretz is something I try my best to avoid. I think it would be helpful if more of Israel's American supporters knew the level of racism and religious fanaticism that flourishes in some sectors of Israeli society, but I know it is there, and reading it over and over in the comments can ruin my day.

fjb said...


I have several friends in Israel who are fighting hard for your rights and freedoms but tragically, most apparently would rather you simply disappeared. I firmly believe that this isn't due so much to hate as to ignorance, which has been instilled in these people for many generations by their self-serving masters. The comments sections can definitely ruin my day too, but I force myself to read to better understand. That's why I posted this, to hopefully encourage others around the world to better understand too.

You have my admiration for actually reading what I write and not being absolutely offended by my choice of "colorful language".:)

May true lasting peace come to you and yours one day soon.