Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Plea From A Friend In Israel.....

Demonstrations against Israel’s slaughter in Gaza have been/are taking place in every major city in the United States and throughout the world. People of conscience are standing up and speaking out…. but where are their governments?

There have been a few ‘verbal condemnations’ but no action whatsoever. Have the tentacles of the evil Lobby reached out across the oceans? Is the world afraid of Israel?

Where is the UN? Where is the EU?? We all know where President elect Obama is, he’s out playing with his golf balls today. Is he too afraid to speak out against these atrocities? Is he afraid that by doing so the ‘charges’ against him being a Muslim might pop up again?

And what about the leaders of the Arab world? Even those that do not recognise Israel have been silent….. what’s that all about??

Israel has proven by these latest actions that it is not a civilised nation. It is not worthy of having the support of anyone in the world community. Calls must be made to all elected official urging them to support a move to recall all representatives from Israel’s soil. All of Israel’s representatives must be asked to leave their host countries immediately.

Israel must be removed from the United Nations. It has proven umpteen times that it has no regard for that body by rejecting every resolution ever passed against them.

All goods made in Israel must be boycotted. All companies having dealings with Israel must be boycotted.

Israel must be completely isolated, only then will it realise that it cannot continue in this zioholocaust they have created. Only you can make this a reality.

Remember that…

Source - DesertPeace

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