Monday, December 22, 2008

Ring The Bells.....

Whose God is God? Whose light is light?
Whose law is wrong? Whose might is right?
Here we are on the edge, the edge of change.
I believe in peace, my only wish. I believe that we can co-exist;
Let's go further now than we've ever gone before and

Ring the bells, ring the bells of change
Ring the bells, every boy and every girl
Ring the bells, ring the bells of peace all over the world

We've all been called to wake from sleep,
To feel our power to create the dreams,
To step out from the dark past our fathers? fear.

Ring the bells?

Here we stand in unity making one choice to be free.
Every truth blends into one as we believe it shall be done.
Here we stand as soldiers now, turning our swords into plows;
There is not a nobler climb, achieving peace in our own time.

I know peace begins with me, with all I feel and with all I see,
And I know it's no easy task removing our own fearful masks;
But I have seen us rise and fall, stand on the moon, tear down the wall
And I know we can do it all, can do it well.
Show me the bells!

Ring the bells? Ring the bells? Ring the bells?

This is such a beautiful song, thank you for this find Karin. My best wishes to all, and may we find peace.

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