Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Business As Usual For Israel On The West Bank.....

What is the matter with you, Abbas? Where are you, yet again, and what do you have to say about this? I see red just reading about it, so I can't imagine how it makes those you're supposed represent and who are suffering this indignity feel. Woof, woof you useless, irrelevant, slobbering lap dog. All this for a bunch of kids throwing rocks?!?!

Palestinian sources in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank, reported on Tuesday at dawn that Israeli soldiers invaded Toura Al Gharbiyya village, west of Jenin, and kidnapped 10 Palestinian youths.

The sources stated that soldiers closed all entrances of the village and placed sand barriers on its western entrance before imposing curfew barring the residents from leaving their homes.

Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers interrogated dozens of youths, cuffed and blindfolded ten before taking them to an unknown destination.

Saed Qabha, a resident of the village, told the Palestine News Network that Israeli soldiers surrounded several neighborhoods, broke into and searched dozens of homes before dragging dozens of youths and children from their homes and interrogating them in the center of the village.

The army claimed that soldiers were searching for youths who hurled stones at soldiers located behind the annexation wall surrounding the village.

Fatima Abady, another resident of the village, said that dozens of soldiers broke into her home, and violently searched it causing excessive damage to the furniture and property.

She added that soldiers detained her for several hours while searching dozens of nearby homes.

Farid Qabha, headmaster of Toura School, said that soldiers closed all schools in the village and ordered the students to head to a club in the village center for interrogation. Later on, soldiers kidnapped ten students and took them to an unknown destination.

Qabha was also detained and interrogated at the school for several hours.

One of the reporters of the Al Quds newspaper, said that soldiers forced local and international reporters out of the village and claimed that it is a closed military zone.


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