Sunday, January 04, 2009

Calm And Dignity Have Left The Building.....

This post comes with a warning: Use of vulgar language ahead.

I'm done. Done, done, done, done. I've tried to remain calm and dignified for the last 9 days, but I've reached the boiling point, so here I go:

If I hear one more lying piece of shit Israeli official spout about how that fucking country honored the so-called six month "cease-fire", I may puke. Then there are retarded Americans with their unnerving sheep-like support of this backward little country built on a foundation of severe PTSD, the populous of which having been exploited by their Zionist puppet masters for over 60 years. No wonder you crazy bastards elected George Bush, not once but twice. As for President-Elect Obama, he's proving himself to be as weak and neutered as his predecessors when it comes to Israel. I guess that's what happens when you're bought and paid for by the AIPAC. I won't even start on Gordon Brown and Britain, still reeling from it's colonial guilt and the fact that it's hugely responsible for this fucking mess in the first place.

As anyone who has read this blog for damn near two years already knows, I've repeatedly posted links to reports that demonstrate Israel's total disregard for any peace process and it's terror tactics used on the Palestinian people on a daily basis. Not that anyone gave a damn at that time, obviously, but perhaps now you'll bloody well care.

Here, I'll post some links so that you can see for yourself how just and honorable these Zionazi bastards where about honoring that bullshit cease-fire:

Child Martyrs
Shots against farmers and internationals in al-faraheen
Israeli gunboats kidnap gaza fishermen, peaceworkers
Weed pulling threatens armed Israeli soldiers
Scottish activist films Israeli navy shooting at Gaza fishermen
Gaza resistance is plowing the fields of Fukharee
Sowing lentils, reaping bullets in Khouzaa
Gazan fisherman injured during Israeli water cannon attack

Is that enough for you, or do you need more? Just a few examples of Israel's honest commitment to the peace process, aren't they folks. BTW, there are plenty more, these ones only take us back to Oct.31/08.


betmo said...

all one has to do is read actual israeli newspapers to get a real account. thousands of israeli citizens are disgusted by their neocon zionist government- but then they live there and see the illegal settlements continuing; the continued harassment and occupation of the palestinian people closed in behind their walls. the only folks who don't see are the ones who don't want to. or the ones who only have access to american news sources and outlets.

i had a lady come to the blog today and thank me because she said that the 'news' here only reported one side. but that's par for the course in america.

fjb said...

Have you read the comments sections in Ha'aretz, Ynet, Jerusalem Post ect. The hate for Arabs drips out of every pore with some of them. I asked DesertPeace if these were the majority in Israel, and he said that he didn't think so. I sure as hell hope not or Israel is doomed by it's own hand.

Anonymous said...

yeah because gazans are so innocent, electing Hamas, destroying infrastructure and lobbing missiles. You idiots dont even know what you're talking about.

fjb said...

sorry dude, study history and the truth will set your impeded brain free.