Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fat Chance Any Ceasefire Will Hold.....

Mainstream media is busy insinuating that a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas is getting closer. Pardon me for not getting excited by this news. I've heard it all far too many times before, since the mid 1980's when I grew up and started paying attention. I've repeatedly written letters on behalf of the Palestinian people to government officials, both as a member of various human rights organizations and as a private citizen. I've requested that mainstream news outlets do basic, unbiased, investigative reporting regarding the West Bank and Gaza. For the past few years I've blogged about the atrocities committed repeatedly by Israel, as it viciously harasses the caged Palestinian people until they retaliate. Israel then uses this as a convenient excuse to attack while the rest of the Islamophobic, ignorant world looks on tsk tsking about terrorists and crying "Poor Israel".

Do you think a cease-fire is going to hold while Israel does as it pleases? Doing as it pleases, by the way, doesn't include giving a shit about the Palestinian people and their rights, let alone about what the rest of us may think of it's actions. Same old same old bullshit.

Patients and refugees evacuated as Al-Quds hospital burns

The army at the door

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