Monday, January 05, 2009

They Are Bombing 1.5 Million People In A Cage.....

CBS News broadcasts an interview with a Norwegian doctor, on the scene in Gaza.

Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor in Gaza, tells Sky News that the number of civilians injured and killed in Gaza proves that Israel is deliberately attacking the population.

I take back every rude thing I've said about CBS News lately. They have redeemed themselves in my eyes for their recent lack of journalistic integrity. My thanks again to CBS for having, as Stephan Colbert would say: Balls.


Chrystal Ocean said...

About damn time they broadcast the truth!

fjb said...

Isn't it though. I think we're all very well aware that Hamas fires rocket. This is nothing new, so why all of a sudden is it cause to start annihilating a population. The Palestinians have been squeezed into a corner which apparently gets smaller everyday, so how else are they going to react.

There are stories out of Gaza and the West Bank that are heartbreaking. I couldn't possibly even imagine what it must be like. Most people have no idea what goes on over there, other than what the press chooses to feed them. Everything is virtually one-sided. If you search the internet and are careful, you can find the other side of this tragic story. This is a war that's been going on in one form or another for 60 years.

This phase is totally new, and I think Israel is feeling like it's bullet-proof, figuratively. There's an arrogance that's just astounding, in that they are so confident that no-one is going to step in and say enough. I have to hope that people will come through again. Israel had better damn well start caring what the rest of the world thinks, or it may find itself very alone. Even the Arab streets are beginning to rumble.