Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gangs Gone Wild......

Gang wars rage in Denmark
Off the beaten track this morning, I'm going to post about something different. Like most people, in my much younger years I did things I'm certainly not proud of but have since learned to consider them growth experiences. One such incident took place when I was 17 and involved with these dregs of humanity as the girlfriend of one of their low level drug dealers. This relationship lasted only six months, but in that time I learned to understand very quickly exactly how their system works.

These wars have nothing to do with racism, they're about power, money, and control. Interlopers into the drug, prostitution, and porn industries are dealt with accordingly.

Canadian gang violence linked to Mexico drug wars
No shit! For 33 years that I'm personally aware of, and it only becomes news when it turns into a shooting war!?!? I guess it's hard to bury your head in the sand when there's a gang hit right outside your door now, isn't it. The Angels, along with their Mexican friends, and the Asian gangs are embroiled in an all-out war for territory and control now folks, so you'd better duck and cover.

Will the pictures of known gang members ever be published publicly so people may know who their neighbors are? Oh hell no. That would be an infringement on crime syndicate members civil liberties. Another fine example of a really fucked up system. Muslims, brown folks, and anyone an with an open mind and opinion can be profiled at airports, but known criminals mustn't be exposed. Bullshit.

Are we all ready to get angry now? Are we fed up enough to take back our neighborhoods and streets? Will we have the courage to speak up and take action? Highly unlikely. Fear is the ruler in this day and age, and cowardliness is the norm.

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