Tuesday, March 22, 2011

While We Bring Freedom With Bombs, Gaza Burns..

Just another day in the life. Coalition allies bomb the crap out of Libya for reasons that personally escape me. I've yet to hear a clearly defined explanation that even hints of honesty, considering we seem to pick and choose those we 'help' based on the amount of oil they sit on top of. In the meantime, Israel retaliates for the murder of a settler family, by a person or persons unknown, though last I heard, an Asian worker was the prime suspect.

I don't for a second deny that there have been rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israel, but really, what can you expect when Israelis persistantly poke caged lions? That they'll just take it, without swatting back? I think not.

No matter how you may look at it, in clear conscience you can't possibly believe that the use of heavy artillery and F16 fighter bombers in a confined space such as Gaza, where there is no means of escape, is acceptable. In reality, it's completely unacceptable, inconceivably brutal, and utterly criminal.

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