Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sticking My Nose In U.S. Politics......

I was asked an interesting question by a co-worker the other day: "Why do you stick your nose in U.S. politics?". Good question, and believe me, I can come up with very long answers, but I'll try to keep it brief.

1. Because, as the crow flies, I live less than 2 hours from the border. What happens down there, does affect me (ask our polar bears in northern Manitoba).

2. We've got as big of a bullseye painted on our backs by Bin Laden (the real enemy, lest we forget), as they do, and yes, I'm quite comfortable with the idea that the most powerful military on the planet is covering my 6 (sorry guys, you got it, I'll take advantage of it). Not to say that our own military is small potatoes. According to statistics the "special forces gymnastics" going on in Afghanistan is pretty impressive. Hoorah, JTF. Our guys and gals are holding their own.

3. This shit going on in Iraq is just, well, wrong, for so many reasons and on so many levels. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong....... . I firmly believe that those Americans who feel the same way deserve all the back-up and support that they can get (see, I got your 6, too, though I wish I could offer you more).

4. For most of our history as neighbors, our two countries have had a pretty good relationship (one small incident concerning a little invasion which was crushed, way back when was a little touchy, though).

5. When the U.S. government really fucks up, those Americans who leave usually come here, not that I mind, as several from the last fucked up mess of a war are pretty good friends. Doors always open gang, even though our dear Mr. Harper (who'd love to be in the Preznit's back pocket, but doesn't dare) tried to close it recently. Squish.

6. I know someone who's serving in Iraq (third tour), and no matter whether he treated his fiance' in a shitty manner or not, he was decent to my rotten kid and gave him some positive direction. For that, I'm eternally grateful. Thanks again, B (even though I still think you're a big 'ol horse's ass).

I promised to keep it short, so if anyone doesn't understand why I stick my nose in, now, I guess you never will.



Worried said...

Hello Fiona; thank you for visiting mine and Granny's political blog. We welcome our visitors and their comments; we love input from other people, whether they agree or disagree with our viewpoints.

Granny and I are two old great-grandparents who still try to do our part for the future of our young ones and of our nation. Our nation's future IS the future of our little ones and what adult citizens do now helps dictate the course of our future - which our leaders have gotten sorely off track. Granny and I love our country deeply - we are of the "Mom, the flag and apple pie" generation who have seen the wars of WWII and all since then, the senseless slaughter of millions of innocent people all around the world and we wish for world peace.

Too many people say there is nothing we can do, the "can't fight City Hall" mentality, but we are old activists who believe that citizens should fight for what is right, even if we go down, we go down fighting and not just curl up like wimps. We do not advocate insurrection but do lobby our representatives and encourage others to follow suit, and we do what we can to spread the word.

Several of our supporters are from other nations who also long for world peace and disapprove of what America is doing to destablize other nations.

There are a few of our Canadian cousins who are our blogger friends and we welcome one more. We welcome you and invite you to return often. Whether other folks realize it or not, our futures and the future of the world are all interconnected. No nation is an island unto itself. Citizens of the world must stick together.

Worried said...

PS: What kind of art interests you? I have art blogs (personal) that I will share with other art lovers.
I can be reached at the email for the political blog: is_america_burning@yahoo.com or personal: burgandy_71@yahoo.com

Granny said...

I'm Ann, aka granny, the other 1/3 of Is America Burning. Another woman named Gadfly posts there occasionally as well.

I have several Canadian visitors on my personal blog but none yet from Manitoba (did I get that right - that's where you are?) Several from your neighbor Alberta though.

You'd be welcome any time at either blog. The link takes you to Roc Rebel Granny.

Old Broad said...

Nice to meet you, too, Fiona. And PLEASE keep sticking your nose in our effed up Dubya.The.Vile.Prick politics. The more, the better.
I have a much-loved 19-year-old niece stationed near Fallujah, so this illegal and immoral war is VERY personal to me.
So hello from the Hill Country of Texas.
BTW, DUBYA is NOT from here. He's a Yankee, just pretending to be Texan. There are MILLIONS of us real Texans who UTTERLY DESPISE him.