Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time's Ticking........

So, the clock has moved ahead a couple of more minutes. It's now 5 minutes to midnight, gang. This time around, they've even added the enviromental damage we continue to do to this glorious planet, obliviously unaware that we're all so determined to commit suicide.

I wonder how many of todays' generation even know (or how many of yesterdays' generation cares) what the Doomsday Clock is, and why scientists (check The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) even came up with the idea, in the first place. If you don't, I suggest you Google it. Time's ticking, and remember, it waits for no man...... .



Old Broad said...

Fiona, I've been watching and reading about The Doomsday Clock for years. I think it actually should be taught as part of a school curriculum. It is unbearably sad that it has moved closer to midnight because of global warming. Years ago, it only moved up or down in accordance with the nuclear threat. And now Global Warming has moved it. Simply unbelievable.
But, hey, according to some nutbags out there, Global Warming is a myth.
I saw a bumper sticker on a big-ass Hummer the other day that said "Global Whining." It INFURIATED me.

Old Broad said...
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Old Broad said...

Sorry I had to delete the other comment. I misspelled a word and so I'm gonna give it another try. I forgot to ask you earlier if it would be OK with you if I linked you.