Sunday, February 18, 2007

Childhood Memories........

Over at Hill Country Gal's, she asks the question: "How much? How much money, bodies, ect........".

In the 60's and early 70's, it was evening tradition in our house for my father to sit down in front of the TV and rip the Washington, DC collective a new one. I learned a lot of lessons about the human condition during these sessions, and they obviously influenced the rest of my life.

I've seen the people of America get angry, really angry in the past, and they just haven't reached that same level of outrage yet. I remember the peace protests and the violent reactions to them, the National Guard, and the Veteran's who dared to speak out being portrayed as cowards. I remember watching all of these things unfolding over the years right there in front of me on the CBS Evening News. I admired the people who spoke out, and for the risks they took to stand up for what they believed in.

I believe in my heart that eventually (soon, I hope) change will come. So the question for me isn't necessarily "how much?", but more like "when?". I think there's still an undercurrent of fear that controls America, and it's going to take the guts and determination of those brave few out there who take the risks and aren't afraid, to keep the movement going. It'll happen.


azgoddess said...

'tis a bit of a difference between then and now -- being that we adore our tv now..back then it was brought into the house to enlighten and entertain but it is so co-mingled with the corporate mind that it's there now just to lead us down the garden path

i've said and will continue to say -- we need to rid ourselves of this leech upon our society slowly sucking us dry of all emotion and feeling

Old Broad said...

I well remember those days, Fiona. My father utterly despised those "dirty peace-loving hippies" so, naturally, that is EXACTLY what I wanted to be. I've never lost that passion for peace and now, more than ever, the passion needs to be re-ignited in the complacent citizens of this country.
We must keep trying, yes?

fjb said...

Hell, yes!