Saturday, February 17, 2007

Summer '06.....

Here's some pics I took last summer of critters and the surrounding area I live in.

There's 4 swallow babies in this nest who had actually been out of it for over a week. The rain started coming down so hard, they all stuffed back in.

This is the view from the back of my house towards the cliffs. The Canadian and U.S. armies come here occassionally to train with helicopters up there. It has something to do with terrain, updrafts, and Afghanistan. The first Blackhawk over the house was a little startling, (scared the s**t out of me - damn they're loud!) but now unless they're going too fast and too low, it's not so bad.

My old show horse and my son's even older Shetland pony. The big one's 27 this year, and the little one's 34.

I finally managed to get a pic of this huge barn owl at sunset one night. I swear he was hunting my cats.


Spadoman said...

Very nice. Nature is powerful stuff, lot's of good energy. Nice to live amidst it, very healing.

Glad you have access to it. Now, get rid of those helicopters. Sorry you have to deal with the war merchants crap. Throw some tobacco towards that cliff every day. That might do it.


Old Broad said...

You live in a gorgeous area.
And I know about those Blackhawks buzzing ya.
They do me, too. My goal is to run outside and flip 'em the finger as they fly over.

fjb said...

It wouldn't be the first time for them to get the one finger salute from me when they shake the whole damn house. I think that's why they come across the valley making a b-line for my place, just to piss me off. Very funny don't ya know, assholes. It's a good thing the old horses don't care, as after 4 years they seem to be used to it.

These things don't have any ID markings on them, so one of the paranoid pot growers asked me what the hell was going on a couple of weeks ago. He thought they were doing a big sweep looking for dope. Like I asked him, the gun mounts that are clearly visable when the doors are open is a little excessive, don't ya think? Considering they let us know what was going on years ago, this guy must be smoking a little too much of what he's growing.;)

azgoddess said...

lovely pics -- and so sorry to hear about the noise -- damn industrial military complex!