Saturday, February 24, 2007

For My Friends........

This one's for my American friends and acquaintances, specially Hill, Spadoman, Denny, Gord, Doug, Blair, UH1Charlie, and Rev, who died in Iraq, August, 2005. You all have my respect and admiration.

P.S.: Blair, I still think you and my horses' butt have something in common.;) Keep your eyes up and your ass down young man, and come home safe.


Old Broad said...

Oh, Fiona, I am honored that you call me your friend.
Now about the vid.
Really. How does that fucker sleep at night?

Case Wagenvoord said...

Loved the song. Canada does seem to be light years ahead of us when it comes to common decency.

Spadoman said...

Thought of defecting when I heard i have a friend up nort, eh. But I think they need me here, so, I'll stay and fight for peace.

Thanks for the kind words. I feel good.