Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Back.........

It's taken a while to get my head together after having a war hit close to home, but I think my life may be starting to become a little more normal again (or as close to normal as it ever has been). I needed time, and I'm still having trouble finding the right words to say to describe how I feel. Believe me though, there's a brand new level of outrage and fury aimed at that fucker Bush and his ass-licking buddies, and once I can figure out how to put that down in words that aren't all expletives, then I'll talk about it.

For now it's safe to say I'm on my way back, slowly. I'm more committed to ending this bullshit war and encouraging people to think and act for themselves than I have ever been before. So, if I ever tell you to get off your ass and do something about whatever it is your bitching and whining over, I'll make my apologies for being blunt now, 'cause I sure as hell won't be making them again.



azgoddess said...

yes, peace my friend...deep breaths and thought envisioning peace

fjb said...

Thank-you. I'm glad it's spring, and I'm finding it easier to just breathe.


Hill said...

Oh, girl, you're back! And with fire, too!
FUCK DUBYA! And his BULLSHIT wars. Yeah!