Saturday, April 07, 2007


Just a couple of tips today for anyone who's interested in, or planning on upgrading to Windows Vista:

1. If you've purchased an upgrade installation version of Vista, please make sure you perform the upgrade from within the legacy OS. That means booting your computer to the existing desktop, and then inserting the Vista installation media. If you boot your computer from upgrade version Vista media, then you're going to have nothing but headaches. Also, when upgrading to Vista from Windows XP, make sure that you have SP2 installed on XP before performing the upgrade.

2. After you've successfully installed Vista, whether an upgrade or a clean install, make sure you go to and validate your copy. If you don't, you could run into problems down the road.



azgoddess said...

cool -- i think -- actually great info and makes me so happy i'm a mac user....

fjb said...

LOL! You cheeky girl, you.;)


Worried said...

My daughter bought a new laptop with all the bells and whistles and toys available -- at considerable cost - including Vista. When she tried to hook up her new scanner to it, all hell tore loose and the machines had to return to the dealer who sold it to her, as they had assured her the machines were compatible. After being spoken to as if she was a mentally deficient, ragged beggar pleading for alms, she finally got someone who knew something about the machines and said it was the Vista causing the problem. I've heard of many people who complain bitterly about Vista, so declined my daughter's offer to have it installed on my computer. Thanks, but I'll wait.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It seems that your father was a very smart man and 100% correct. So true.

Hill said...

Old school here. I'll just keep running XP until it dies. Then, who knows?
Oh, I am soooooooo glad you're back (see comment below).

fjb said...

The biggest problem we seem to run across is compatible drivers for scanners, printers, cameras and the like. Slowly but surely the manufacturers seem to be coming up to speed, and getting their software up to speed.

I'm with you, on all counts. ;)