Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We Need To Wash All The Damn Flags.....

Blogger Mark Prime, A Poetic Justice, has written a book, which is available at Amazon.

If you haven't heard of Mark, or read any of his work you should check out his blog. I have a feeling that when future generations delve into the poetry, art, and essays of our time, his name, along with the creator of the cover art, Ben Heine, will be right up there with the greats.

Video idea shamelessly stolen from Az:

Sorry George, it's not just America. Same shit here in good old Canada, along with the rest of the industrialized world. I know, cause like most of us out here I'm part of the herd busting my ass, making the rich richer, just so I can barely keep a roof over myself and my son's heads and food in our bellies.

All together now, say: Baaaaaaa..... . Just smart enough to run the machine, just dumb enough and desperate enough to put up with the shit.

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