Thursday, August 09, 2007

Skull And Crossbones.....

Greenpeace carves question mark on genetically engineered crop

I can think of quite a few farms in my neighborhood who could use this treatment, but I'm thinking a skull and crossbones is far more appropriate. By the way, I live in Enderby, British Columbia - if you're interested, just go slow and look carefully for the little signs with black lettering, they're posted on the outside of the fields.

Travel southbound on Hwy. 97 from the Salmon Arm turnoff and look to your left, you'll see a couple of enormous fields. Go down Enderby/Grindrod Rd. where there's several, or about 5kms down Mable Lake Rd. from Enderby, Riverside Rd. in Mara, and the list goes on and on. These fields are in production for beef and dairy cattle (the milk is shipped to Dairyland, and if you're a beef eater, who knows where this ends up): mmmmmm, yummy.

It's truly spectacular looking corn; tall, tough, and strong. It would probably take a category 4 hurricane to knock the stuff over, and not a weed in sight, as I believe you can actually spray this shit with herbicide and it won't kill it (WTF!?!?).

Okay, this has been chewing on my ass all day at work, so when I got home I went out for a little "road trip" with my camera. I guess the local boys have caught on that there's lots of people in these parts who aren't impressed with genetic modification, so I only managed to find 3 signed fields. This type is one of my personal "favorites", anyway. The official description of LF 881RR is: "Tall dark green Roundup Ready Leafy hybrid with high yields of excellent feed quality." Mmmmm, I can just taste the Glyphosate now.


Gazetteer said...


Where's the black helicopter in the blue of that thing?

fjb said...

I don't know, but the only black helicopters that I see around here are the ones packing heat monitors for tracking the lush pot forests in the area. Oh, ya, and the Nato boys that come here every once in a while to practice their cliff drops and landings. Something to do with the updrafts on the cliff faces being similar to some areas of Afghanistan. The local papers published the information a few years back, I'm assuming so that we wouldn't be "alarmed".;) Three of them came whipping around the point of the cliff face a couple of summers ago just before sunset, and I started humming the theme from Apocalypse Now. My teenage was NOT amused.