Thursday, September 20, 2007

All We Ever Do Is Talk.....

How many people are full of talk, but take little or no action? Are we waiting for someone else to fix this silly world for us? If that's what we're counting on, then we're in for a very sad and very rude awakening when it's too late, a time which seems to be getting rapidly closer.

For those focused on the mighty U.S. buck, it seems to have taken some hard hits today, with the Canadian dollar widely considered at par (99.6 cents - peaking just after 11:00am EST time at $1.0003) with the U.S. dollar.

The Euro has soared to it's highest ever against the U.S. dollar ($1.40). Oil's over $80.00 per barrel. Finally, the latest cost analysis of the war in Iraq: "During an eight-hour working day, U.S. tax dollars spent in the battle zones of Iraq total $112 million. These figures are extrapolated from a report by the Congressional Research Service (CSR), a bipartisan agency which provides research and analysis for the U.S. Congress. It put the war's average cost in 2007 at around $10 billion a month.

That translates into $333 million a day, $14 million an hour, $231,000 a minute and $3,850 a second. Even for the world's richest country, this is serious money." If you want a more in depth report on where your tax dollars are going, have a look at this article at Reuters.

It's too bad a looming financial crisis can't even seem to motivate most Americans to decide enough is enough once and for all, and be an inspiration to do something about this mess. I assumed if nothing else was going to work, money (or the lack thereof) would. Apparently not.

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Hill said...

I quit the daily grind of political blogging for this very reason.

I am so tired of being part of the problem of yapping about it yet doing nothing about it. Typing doesn't count, you know?