Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burma Is Now Ranked With Somalia As The Most Corrupt.....

If you don't speak up for anything else this year, please, please consider signing the petition at to stand with the peaceful protesters of Burma. This info is from the updated blog of reporter Matthew Weaver, The Guardian "Up to five protesters have been shot dead, according to reports, as Burma's military rulers resort to violence in attempt to put down the unrest that has gripped the country for the last nine days......"

Here are some bloggers staying one step ahead of the Junta as I type the words: Irrawaddy, Zin Media, and Mizzima News. It won't take more than a few seconds, and if you truly believe (and even if you don't) that a person can make a difference in this silly world, just sign the petition. We must let these dictators and corrupt bastards know that we're watching and we're not going to put up with this crap any more.

Here's some more bloggers from Mayanmar (Burma) who are doing what most of the rest of us out here in this silly world don't have the guts to do: dawn_109 andko htike . Drop these brave people a note to let them know you care.


Hill said...

Excellent post!

I've missed you.


fjb said...

Hiya Hill,
How ya been? I've kind of backed out of the just talking scene a little, too. Decided to get off my ass and actually physically participate in something that might really make a difference.

azgoddess said...

done this - thanks for getting the word out!