Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life In Palestine.....

For those who dare, the latest news from Palestine, the world's number one breeding ground for terrorism courtesy of Israel and the United States, aided and abetted by the glorious nations who pander to them for one reason only: cold hard cash.

Garbage Picking A Way Of Life On The West Bank:
"For some Palestinians, their only source of income is pecking through Israeli garbage, hoping to find something to scavenge and sell.

"I work here to have food for my family," Mohammed told CTV News at the dump near Ad Deirat in the West Bank.

Asked what he would rather be doing, he shrugged and said he has no real dream." To read the rest of the story, go to CTV News.

Demonstration Against Ketziot Raid In Hebron:
"Palestinian residents in Hebron protesting the Ketziot prison attack were subject to an all-day onslaught of rubber bullets, tear gas and sound grenades by the Israeli soldiers." To read the rest of the story, see here.

Blocking the road to Apartheid: Palestinian nonviolent protestors are blocking highway 443:
"An anti-apartheid protest today blocked busy Highway 443, one of many highways that run on occupied Palestinian land but are reserved for Israelis only. Israeli Security forces used force to move the demonstrators. Three of the protesters, Blake Murphy, from Boston and Yonatan Polak, and Dmitri from Tel Aviv were arrested and released with conditions limiting their movement." For more on this story, see here.

Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek Of Sabeel Defamed In Boston Globe – By Two Opeds:
"The combination of opeds: one from Jeff Jacoby and the other from CAMERA says more about the Globe than either of the slanderous pieces written.

Tactics are the usual:
Criticism of Israel or it’s brutal and illegal and immoral policies is anti-Semitic….. But both of these opeds are particularly disgusting." For more, see here.

Brighton-Tubas Fellowship: Three British Nationals Go To Trial After Non-Violent Demonstration:
"Three British women, Kate Harrison, Caroline Bailey and Sarah Cobham representing the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity group, were arrested during a non-violent protest at Al Mazra’a al Qibilya in the West Bank on Friday 26th October and will appear at 7pm this evening in the Jerusalem Peace Court, located in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem." For more, see here.

Targeted Assault On Palestinian Teen In Hebron:
"On the evening of Tuesday October 23, a 15 year old boy, Hamze Shweke, was detained by the Israeli army at the Tel Rumeida checkpoint. The soldiers approached the boy sitting at one of the checkpoints and told him that he had five seconds to leave. The night before Hamze had been assaulted by the same soldiers. Hamze told the soldiers that he wouldn’t leave. When Hamze remained seated the soldiers slapped his face, handcuffed him with plastic wires and took him up the hill, out of sight of the community and observers." For more, see here.

PCHR: Heart Attack Patient Dies After Being Sent Back From Erez Crossing Twice:
"Left on the ground for nearly an hour, a patient in a serious condition dies due to restrictions at Erez Crossing." For more, see here.

Soldiers Kick And Strike Tel Rumeida Children With Their Guns:
"Human Rights Workers (HRWs) last night witnessed eight Israeli soldiers attacking three Palestinian youths at the Tel Rumeida checkpoint, kicking them and striking them with their guns. One of the youths had allegedly insulted a soldier some nights ago, and since then at least three young Palestinians are reported to have borne the brunt of daily beatings from the soldiers." For more, see here.

There's more but I think you get the point. By now, if you've bothered to read this far, like most people you're probably saying to yourself: "What can I do, and why should I bother?". Or are you one of those who thinks: "It's not my problem."? Well, if you haven't realized by now that this is the most relevant, pressing issue facing us all today along with global warming, then pull your head out of the sand and find out why. Then I suggest you get off your ass and do something about it, or we're all going to deserve what we get.


Spadoman said...

Your last paragraph sounds like I do sometimes when I am so frustrated at the obvious injustices in the world. I challenge others and shove it in their face. Dare them to take action to change the situation.

I did read most of what you posted. I didn't go read every article from beginning to end. When I first started reading I got upset right away. Here is yet another problem in the world. I knew there was a problem, I didn't know each fact or description, but that generally, there is quite a problem where Israel and Palestinians are concerned.

There are other problems in the world. Too many of them. Last night I started to speak to a friend about how futile it seems to say we care, yet do nothing. It seems like nothing because the world is so vast and there is just too much and it is overwhelming.

But it is a fact, that we can determine change to all of it if we start with ourselves. Inside, in our hearts, we start. We change our attitudes. We talk, we blog, we demonstrate, we organize. Some are better at it than others. Some get results and recognition. Some die because they do what they do.

I don't know where I am on the spectrum of taking action versus not caring, but I'm somewhere. We all are somewhere.

It starts when you wake up. Do you love yourself?

fjb said...

It's overwhelming for many that this sort of thing seems to be the norm in this world, and sometimes for those of us who attempt to bring attention to it, it feels like emptying the Sahara of sand with a teaspoon. I've been involved with a variety of humanitarian organizations since the early '80's. Letter writing campaigns, protests, petitions, all the efforts to affect positive change may seem futile to outsiders looking in, but occasionally a small light of hope flickers if you stick to it long enough.

That's what this is all about. To let those who perpetrate these atrocities know that there are people watching, and they are willing to speak up and bring attention to the crimes.

I took it to heart when my mother and father repeatedly reminded me when I was growing up: "Never again".

You ask if I love myself. Yes I do, but more importantly, for me anyway, I can look at myself in the mirror and know in my heart, in a tiny way in the grand scheme of things, I've tried.