Friday, October 26, 2007

US Activist Barred From Entering Canada.....

Oh for fucks sake Harper, what's next? You wannabe neo-con, chicken-shit little puke, are you so afraid of ruffling the feathers of your little buddy Georgie, that this sort of shit is going on in my country now.

Bush Lite, take your ultra-conservative, holy-than-though, pretentious attitude and shove it up your ass. That goes for the rest of you spineless toadies in Ottawa, too. Pandering to racists, controlling the press, abuse of the law , using taxpayers money to have our troops trained by mercaneries , what's next, torture?

We're well on our way to losing everything that has made me proud to be a Canadian, and I refuse to accept it and I certainly won't sit back and take it. I get the feeling you're stepping way too far over the line for most of us out here, and we're not going to be controlled by fear or intimidation by the likes of you. We're fully aware of who you work for and how your wages are paid, so don't be under the misconception that Canadians put their politicians on pedestals like our friends to the south tend to do with theirs. No amount of back pedaling and excuses will save your ass when our press finally decides to rip you apart, like a pack of wild dogs. Good luck with that, eh. Not.....

Edit: My apologies for the language, but this man and his cronies are really getting on my nerves. I know I should be forgiving, and eventually I will, just not now.

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