Monday, November 05, 2007

Soldiers’ Silent War.....

"The happy homecomings are splashed on the news. Troops fresh off the plane from Iraq and Afghanistan scoop up their spouses and children in joyous hugs.

But the story doesn't end there.

Angry outbursts. Nightmares. Thousand-mile stares. Memory lapses. Disintegrating marriages. The "invisible wounds" of war are cropping up in this newest generation of veterans, sometimes long after they come home. Left untreated, they can spiral into despair."

Please consider reading the rest of this important story.


enigma4ever said...

this is such a wonderful blog...what a nice find..

Spadoman said...

This is an important post for me. As a Veteran who went almost 35 years before seeking help for what I thought was just the way I am, I found that there were reasons for these feelings the author describes in the article. I'm working on a piece about PTSD in my own life and it will be available soon.

Thanks for bringing this out. There are many more important issues facing the world today. War is in the forefront. And the returning soldiers a part of the war. It is all connected. End the war, and this part stops as well. It is all connected.

Peace to all

fjb said...

Thanks so much.

I've read so much lately about returning soldiers being ignored and forgotten in the States, but I think it's much worse up here.

I'm not kidding, our guys in Afghanistan are fighting their asses off, but how many Canadian blogs out there even reference the fact that we are involved in a war, too? Our Canadian troops are coming back with the same issues, and gaining access to information through DND regarding their after care is virtually impossible. It just infuriates me.