Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Evangelicals visit for Israel's 60th, call the sound of the mosque 'evil'

Last week, 3,000 evangelical Christian worshippers and preachers from around the United States visited Israel in a trip celebrating 60 years of independence.

The trip was led by Joel Rosenberg, the son of a Jewish man and a Christian woman, who found Jesus at a young age and became a famous preacher.

Evangelical Christianity boasts tens of millions of believers across the United States who are often credited with getting George W. Bush into the White House to lead the war against evil in the world. They give millions of dollars to the Israeli right and believe that only the Republican Party can save the planet.

As I watched the video, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, then after a few seconds I just got pissed off. Don't laugh, it was crazies like these who played a large part in getting Bush elected for two terms.

I know I'm supposed to be forgiving and it's bad kharma to put these negative thoughts out in the universe, but how about they and those like them, no matter what kind of religious whacko, just fuck off and let the rest of us live in peace. I suggest they all take a nice drink of kool-aid..... .


thepoetryman said...

Wow! You're not alone with your thoughts. I wouldn't fret too much about Karma coming back to you for speaking the truth.

betmo said...

honey- forgiveness is for you! if you aren't in the forgiving mood- don't sweat it. i still haven't figured out why people believe in christianity. it is a manmade invention based on ancient egyptian pagan worship and blended with other pagan religions for a little added zip. if folks were thinking beings- we wouldn't be in this mess. but- this post ties nicely with another so i will link to you :) thanks.

fjb said...

Thanks guys, I'll take your word for it that kharma isn't going to bite me in the ass.
Hey Bet,
When I finally had the courage to tell my mom that I was an atheist I thought she'd attempt to damn me for all eternity, and send out some of the most powerful Jewish momma style guilt trips on the planet. She was dead silent for a while, then loudly proclaimed: "At least you can think for yourself!".