Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Walk The Line, The Line I Choose.....

I'll send today's video dedication out to President Vladimir Putin of the Soviet Union.

If you can be bothered with a very brief history lesson, read James Traub's article, Taunting the Bear over at truthout. The only thing he doesn't focus on enough and should is Russia's desire to control Europe's oil.

As of Sunday, Russia's Black Sea fleet, which was conducting "anti-terrorism" exercises in the area, is now parked off Georgia's coast.

Putin, you sneaky prick. I'll give you this though, you play the game as only a true master can.


Total personnel: 26,900
Main battle tanks (T-72): 82
Armoured personnel carriers: 139
Combat aircraft (Su-25): Seven
Heavy artillery pieces (including Grad rocket launchers): 95

Total personnel: 641,000
Main battle tanks (various): 6,717
Armoured personnel carriers: 6,388
Combat aircraft (various): 1,206
Heavy artillery pieces (various): 7,550

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