Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lest We Forget.....

Nasim's blog: Afghan Lord.
His flickr page: Afghan Lord's Photo Stream.
His Farsi blog: Shared Pains.
His Linux blog (in Farsi): Afghan Linux.

Sometimes it's easy to forget people who are truly speaking for rights and freedoms when we are distracted by the extreme theatrics of U.S. elections. There's a young man in Afghanistan by the name of Nasim Fekrat who is telling the story of his people from inside the zone. It's an amazingly honest, non-biased journey in the life of the average Afghan and he's risking a lot doing it, including his life.

This young man used to blog under an alias but now is speaking in his own voice, and hopefully with the backing and guarantee from Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft he maintains the right to do so.

Lest we forget.....


Afghan LORD said...

Dear Fiona,

Thanks for the kind words.

wish you all the bests


fjb said...

No thanks necessary, Nasim. Yours is one of the few voices in the blogosphere, or anywhere else for that matter, that we should all be listening to. I can't say that for most, including myself. We all tend to babble on about what we deem important to ourselves. What you report is important to all of us.

BTW, I've updated the post and added the link to your flicker page. We hear about the NATO troops, the Taliban, Al Queda and not much else and you are filling in many of the blanks. As I suggested yesterday, take care of yourself young man, it's a very dangerous place you live in, particularly for someone willing to tell the story.

Peace be upon you,