Thursday, November 06, 2008

Does Israel Still Pull The Strings?.....

Israel cautions against Obama dialogue with Iran

I guess we'll find out shortly, won't we. I have to wonder how 52%+ of the U.S. voting public feels about Israel still attempting to dictate America's foreign policy in the Middle East.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Given that more than 55% of USians believe in the rapture, it is certain that Israel will continue to receive special treatment by the US administration and a hugely disproportionate amount of US foreign aid.

fjb said...

Sad but true. I'm willing to trust Obama a little to deal with the issues in the Middle East in a fair and balanced manner. I think the U.S. government, along with the will of its people must lead the way and be willing to talk, not just blow wind.

I don't care what those people who believe in the rapture are convinced of. I'm an Atheist. All I give a shit about is what's going on in the Middle East every single day, or more appropriately, every minute. It's an embarrassment to humanity. The West tends to treat the Arabs, particularly Muslims, like 3 year olds instead of dignified people with a long, vast history.

There needs to be a representative from the West to act as an effective moderator, and that responsibility lands squarely on the U.S.. I'm hoping Obama is the man for the job.