Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream....

I won't give up on the dream.

My thanks to lennybruce over at Thru Other Eyes.

Theodore Bikel is a Zionist, albeit a moderate one but a Zionist nonetheless. I've read many of his speeches, including the one he gave during the 35th World Zionist Congress which aroused passionate response including boos and jeers from those gathered there. Though he is a peace loving man at heart, one still gets the sense he feels Zionists are superior to all others. Such a shame.

OPPOSITION, by Rashid Hussain

I am against my country’s revolutionaries
Wounding a sheath of wheat
Against the child
Any child
Carrying a hand grenade
I am against my sister
Feeling the muscle of a gun
Against it all
And yet
What can a prophet do . a prophetess
When their eyes
Are mad to drink
The sight of the raiders’ hordes ?
I am against boys becoming
Heroes at ten
Against the tree flowering
Against branches becoming scaffolds
Against the rose-beds turning to trenches
Against it all
And yet
When fire cremates my friends
My youth
And country
How can I
Stop from poem becoming a gun ?

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