Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big City Weeds Infesting Country Living…..

I was talking with a friend the other day and she told me that her new boss , who is a recent transplant from the Fraser Valley, spends most of her time discussing her new community with a disgusted tone in her voice and belittling the people who live here.  So, my question is: Why the hell did she move here in the first place?

I’ve lived in Enderby and the surrounding area for almost 20 years, and like most who run away from the big city mayhem, the gang wars, the brazen break and enters, brutality, and rampant drug abuse, I arrived not knowing anyone and had a full-blown “I’m better than you, you country bumkin” attitude. The difference between then and now is that there were very few like me around and I learned quickly to integrate myself to survive. These days it’s very different. The old timers are giving up the farms, their kids are moving on to bigger and better wealth, homes are getting larger and more obnoxiously flamboyant, the newbies have far more money, cars, motorized toys and immensely condescending demeanours. With the influx of Alberta oil money and Vancouver wealth in the last few years it’s positively overwhelming, and that which they are running from is being brought with them.

I have an absentee neighbour who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for his family and friends to arrive on the July 1st long weekend and run amok. Speed boats and jet skis ripping up the river and its shoreline, fireworks, bad ‘80’s hair music blasting all day and night for three days straight, drunks in expensive cars speeding up and down this little dead-end road killing any critter who gets in their way, screaming and yelling, you name it they do it. This guy is a so-called businessman from Vancouver, and the fact that he hid out up here for nearly three months at the height of the gang shootings and arrests down there kinda makes me wonder exactly what kind of a “businessman” he is. Nobody seems to know even though from what I’ve been told he grew up here. Sigh……

I know it won’t make any difference, but I’ll feel a little better for perhaps a minute just putting it out there and venting, so here goes. To all those who feel they need to bring their shit-for-brains lifestyles with them when they come here: Take your obnoxious, rude, arrogant, ignorant selves, along with your over-stimulated, over-indulged, disgusting children, shove your toys up your asses then go back to where you came from and stay there. Screw your money, we’ll find a better way to make a buck than rely on the likes of you, you damn scum!



betmo said...

having lived in my neck of the woods forever- i mean literally- i have lived within 50 miles of where i was born for almost all of my life- i think i qualify as a 'townie'. having said that- i don't tolerate rednecks period. sounds like your little businessman buddy is a real redneck. class doesn't come from money- and that's for sure.

fjb said...

Nope, all money does is make the dirt-bag types even worse. But crap, does there have to be so many in my personal space?;)

Spadoman said...

Happy Canada Day Fiona!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm with you on the BIG CITY WEEDS issue. I moved from Toronto to Sault Ste Marie to get away from the street wars, overcrowding and road rage.

I do not miss Toronto one bit.