Monday, July 20, 2009

Ah, The Smell Of Desperation.....

Reaction to Breaking Silence Report

They sound as desperate as they should be. The bastards are well and truly caught yet they’re still attempting to convince the world that there’s no evidence, and claiming their investigations are impartial. Who the hell do they think they’re kidding? Bloggers and civilian reporters, putting their lives on the line reporting live at the time via cell phones and laptops all over the Internet, and the Zionazi propaganda machine still have the balls to claim innocence?!?!

I myself am going to stay optimistic this time. There’s just too much evidence for Israel to simply sweep it away and hope the world forgets all about the atrocities they’ve committed. A global economic collapse doesn't hurt either, it's pretty hard to fund the propaganda machine with no money. My advice to them is to start figuring out how they’re going to explain the last 60+ years. Millions of people globally are beginning to remove the rose colored glasses that have been blinding them to the truth, and they’re realizing who the real terrorists have been. It must really suck to have their arrogant, self-righteous assuredness rammed right back down their throats.

I can hardly wait until the Zionazi rats start jumping the sinking ship and claiming that they, their fathers and perhaps even their grandfathers knew nothing, or were simply following orders.

BBCNews Interview With Israeli Spokeswoman

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