Saturday, February 17, 2007

YouTube: Maybe Not Such A Waste Of Time......

I'll admit that probably 85% of what you see on YouTube is junk, but then you trip over a gem like this. The first one has been viewed over 3/4 of a million times. The second is a compilation of some of the huge number of responses. Beautiful.


The call went out.

Some of the answers.


olivebranch said...

oh my,
I am the founder//editor in chief of the Olivebranch Network, so I deal with much emotional reading.

That imagery nearly made me cry happy tears. I shall pass this on to my Iraqi friends, show them what real hope looks like.

Thank you dearest, for your links and for this beautiful peice of peace; which otherwise might have gone unknown to me.

Luke(y) Skinner
aka [olivebranch]

Old Broad said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

fjb said...

Thank you for your kind words. I think sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the politics and mess, that we forget we're all human beings with the same basic needs. Respect, dignity, love, understanding, and the right to live in peace.