Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No, No, Moto.....

Not just your average cellphone manufacturer:

Motorola developed with Aeronautics Defense Systems a perimeter defense system called Stronghold, to be used in the West Bank.

Since 2005, a Motorola radar detectors' system has been installed around some 20-47 Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including in Hebron, Karmei Tzur and Har Bracha. In some cases, the radar stations were erected on private Palestinian land, preventing Palestinian movement near the Israeli settlements.

The company has developed and provided the "Mountain Rose" communication system to the Israeli army, which is a specifically designed mobile system for field conditions, and it is being used by soldiers in the occupied West Bank.

Involved in:

Services to the Settlements

SpecializedEquipment and Services

Motorola Israel is a full subsidiary of the US-based Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT).

Motorola Inc. also holds about 6% of the shares of Afcon Industries. Israeli subsidiaries: MIRS Communications, Beeper Communications Israel, Taldor Communication, European subsidiaries of Motorola Inc. managed by Motorola Israel: Uni-Net (Poland) and SetKomNet (Turkey).

Hang up on Motorola.
Demand that Motorola and its fully-owned subsidiary, Motorola Israel:

-end its production and sales of fuses for all Israeli weapons
-end its sales of communication devices to the Israeli military, including all radar detection devices
-end its sales of all products that aid and support Israel's illegal settlements

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